Convert, store, distribute and control energy

The objective of any effort to develop a sustainable energy supply system for our cities and neighbourhoods conventionally is to create a resilient, meaning a reliable system, that will withstand severe external disruptions and extreme situations.

At the same time it must be acknowledged that fulfilling this requirement may result in a less efficient energy supply system. Striking the right balance between resiliency and efficiency is a top priority of the research and modeling efforts undertaken by the QUARREE100 partners.

The integrated power, heat and mobility system the partners are envisioning for the focus on neighbourhood has a cellular design. The components (requirements?) of this cellular supply system will be meeting all the neighbourhood’s energy demands. Secondly, it is necessary for it to serve as charger or storage module for the adjacent distribution system. Only then an overall system benefit will be achieved.

An important contribution to the system development will come from the right choice of flexibility and storage technology. Here the region of Heide benefits from the ENTREE100 project and the refinery’s utility scale hydrogen technology. The use of green hydrogen from wind power in fuel-cell CHP, to generate heat and power as well as its direct use in transportation will be modeled along the results of further research work.

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