Finding solutions to tomorrow’s most pressing problems

I believe that the most important aspect of this project is engaging in dialogue with the neighborhood’s residents. Bringing together all the different actors involved in order to find an outcome that works for everyone is both the project’s biggest challenge and its greatest opportunity.

Oliver Schmidt-Gutzat
Mayor of the town of Heide

The QUARREE100 project provides a unique opportunity,

to develop the Rüsdorfer Kamp into a modern neighborhood with an innovative, sustainable supply of energy! 

Dorothee Martens-Hunfeld
Chairwoman of Stiftung Mensch

Creating living and working spaces with wind energy in our region

Although we all know of the finite nature of earth’s resources, we still carelessly consume them every day.

Ulf Jörgensen 
CEO TC-Hydraulik GmbH

Finding solutions to tomorrow’s most pressing problems

The QUARREE100 project provides a unique opportunity,

Creating living and working spaces with wind energy in our region

A contribution for future generations

"QUARREE100 gives us residents the opportunity to contribute directly to an ecological urban future, in particular for our children and future generations of residents."

Karin Ratzmann,

Rüsdorfer Kamp resident

Great importance for our region

We all have to be able to benefit from the energy transformation in this region. We need QUARREE100 to make a visible and tangible contribution to climate protection in and around our town. Citizens, businesses and social organizations will enjoy real opportunities to actively shape and participate in the project.

Harald Matelski,

former Chair of the Board of the Development Agency for the Region of Heide

Sustainability of our city

We hope to further improve the sustainability of our city’s energy supply with the QUARREE100 project.

Our fellow citizens are kindly invited to share their contributions and ideas with us. We are very much looking forward to their active engagement, because their contributions will be a top criterion for the success and efficiency of our project, and how well it will be received by the public.

Ulf Stecher,

former Mayor of the Town of Heide

Climate protection in an urban quarter

100 % renewable is doable, theoretically yes – technically we are not quite there yet. First we need to solve the challenge of storing, converting, distributing, and integrating energy from wind, sun, and biomass into a resilient and affordable energy system. At QUARREE100 we retry to solve this question at the community level, by coupling the sectors power, heat and mobility through new hydrogen technology. We test, design and implement new approaches. The massive wind and solar energy supply in our vicinity are extremely conducive to our operations.

District development with 100 % regenerative energy

How can we make sure that we reach our ambitious climate goals within the time we have left to make a significant impact? The question is a global one, but the answer, as so often, can be found locally. We have to change the very fundamentals of our lifestyles. We must rethink and change the way we use electricity, heat and cool our homes and how we move around in our neighbourhood, get to work and run our errands.

Many regions in Germany already boast an oversupply of renewable energy. Nonetheless, it is not trickling down into everyday lives, because we haven’t thought through how to store, transform and intelligently distribute and deliver this energy to our neighbourhoods and communities.

This is exactly where the objectives of the QUARREE100 project come in. We will offer an efficient, integrated energy system for a city quarter, that delivers 100 % renewable power, heat and mobility solution. The system will be built on local wind and solar PV generation and provide lots of opportunities for participation. It will be a cellular system that delivers system benefits to the distribution and transmission networks as well as provide business opportunities to the region and affordable green energy for the people living in the city quarter.

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