Rüsdorfer Kamp

Role of the Rüsdorfer Kamp urban quarter 

he QUARREE100 project develops a sustainable, integrated and resilient energy system for the Rüsdorfer Kamp, an urban district in Heide, Schleswig Holstein. The active participation and support of the people who live and work in the Rüsdorfer Kamp is an essential prerequisite for the success of the project and the central task of the project. One of seven working areas in the project (participation, acceptance and transfer, AB2) is therefore devoted exclusively to the question of how residents and companies must be involved and motivated to actively participate.

What the partners learn and experience in the process should help all those involved to transfer this knowledge to other city districts and to further develop the new ideas and approaches there. Thus, the Rüsdorfer Kamp plays a role as a model quarter with nationwide appeal.

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