• 1a Kick-off meeting of work sections and conference introduction
  • 1b Election of scientific advisory and division board leaders
  • 2a Presentation of concept of participation and design of info container
  • 2b Preparatory work on legal and administrative framework
  • 3a Suggestions and ideas on hydrogen, logistics and options
  • 3b Finalization of  simulation and design of energy concept
  • 4a Presentation of energy concept of the `Rüsdorfer Kamp`
  • 4b End of`Half-Time conference
  • 5a Suggestions on regulatory incentives &presentation of first businessplans
  • 5b Finalization of water supply system
  • 5c Results of phase I:Participation process
  • 5d Final design of implementation concept. Integrated concept of The Energy Station of the future
  • 5e Demonstration models ready for use
  • 6   Deployment of first demonstration stations
  • 7a Finalization of process of participation
  • 7b Final conference session

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